Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Three R's

This has nothing to do with the three R's found in schools. It's about the ones the lovely Jack Johnson sings about - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

My full growhouse

That's what I've been doing today. Stuck at home, which is no great hardship in this glorious weather, gently swaying on the swing seat with my three-year-old is quite the loveliest way to spend time, I have also been Doing Things.

A gift from my little one

But I've run out of pots, a first really for me which I suppose shows how deeply the gardening bug has bitten, so I've resorted to using empty egg cartons. I've sown purple sprouting broccoli, spagetti squash and courgettes in them and plan to scoop them out with a spoon when they need replanting up at the allotment. It's probably totally the wrong way to do it, and I hesitate to post about it, but what's a girl to do?

Talking of which, I still haven't managed to get up to my plot today. Somehow, carting a three-year-old and a one-year-old plus all the tools I need twenty minutes up the road is not appealing. I keep telling myself if I had a shed up there........but perhaps that's just me making excuses!


  1. Excuses...excuses...thats me and my yoga lesson (should be on my way there now)...but work prevails...well, blog reading!

    Egg cartons/toilet roll inners/ rolled up newspaper....always makes you feel like you've done your bit for the environment I feel. Felt v jealous reading of your wonderful sunny day.

    Me - stuck in doors at a computer rasing order and talking to horrible people. Blurgh! Enjoy the sun and being with your kids...Cat xx

  2. can you not just rip up the egg carton and plant it? keeps the seed warm a little bit longer (erm i think the word is insulated!) - although i guess not quite so necessary with the weather we're now having!

    mind you means you couldn't reuse the egg carton, although ours got pretty soggy when i tried with cauliflowers so i couldn't have reused them anyway, they ended up all flimsy an orrible!

  3. oh yoga Cat, how lovely and relaxing. I used to love my yoga class....

    Hope you managed to get out and enjoy some of the sun!

    iflutterby - doh! Of course I could just rip the boxes and plant them. Why didn't I think of that (I think we can guess...)?

  4. Hello Mrs Be.
    Lovely post with accompanying photographs. I see you are making maximum use of your mini green house - It reminds me of mine! The shelves on mine are a bit flimsy due to the centre support poles missing :-(
    Anyway, as pot replacements, you could cut toilet roll tubes in half and use those. We too are always looking of ways to inject a little bit of extra life into items that have been used and otherwise destined for landfill/recycling. I recently blogged about the things we re-use for the plot.
    Fingers crossed for good weather today after last nights storm!