Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cat Nap

Well, she was napping before I opened the front door to take this photo and Dog eagerly bounded up, desperate to be let out to 'play' with Cat.

She was taking a rest in a pot which was once home to a hosta, before our gluttonous slugs feasted on it. If I can hold off the marauding monsters long enough I'm sure the hosta will grow again. That's what I like about them, they're such a determined plant.

And as for Cat, I'm thinking of growing some catnip in a pot by her catflap which she deigns to use occasionally. She's old and deserves a treat, especially for putting up with us lot. Can I buy catnip seeds? Or are they sold as plants? More excuses to visit the garden centre. As if I needed more.


  1. Hi I think you would be better off starting with a plant, if you grow it from seed you will have to put it where the cat cant get it or the seedlings wont have a chance. :)

  2. What a great photo. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you try the bread recipe. It is so good. Already made another loaf. Doesn't last long at all around here.
    Your hosta should be fine if they just got the leaves, it should new leaves up. For catnip, I think you can do either.. grow from seed or buy as a small starter plant from a local nursery. Good luck!

  3. I'd go with a plant. If you use seed Cat will probably nip it all in the bud just like the slugs did with the hostas.