Monday, 12 May 2008

Moonlit Gardening

Me and my allotment have been reunited - at last!

I managed a visit on Friday evening and was unexpectedly accompanied by a friend who did a good job of weeding while we did a good job of chatting (read gossiping). It was very companiable and we got loads done and the nicest thing was I didn't feel a bit vulnerable, like I sometimes do, when there in the evenings.

Rather like last night. It was eight o'clock when I finally bumped and bounced up there driving Hubby's jeep. I was grateful it got me up there quickly but - ugh - I couldn't drive it any distance and certainly not with children inside.

It took me a while to find my groove; I was a bit perplexed as there was so much to do and I probably felt a bit overwhelmed.

Then my neighbour turned up, she of the Lovely Plot, and I found out about the communal shed! Who knew? Well, not me. Obviously.

I was feeling a bit miffed because I could've sworn I had some canes stored at the little bit at the end of my plot. I took some runner beans and sweet peas that I wanted to rehome around two cane wigwams and, well, I couldn't. Bit tricky with no canes. I'm not entirely convinced that someone else hasn't used them but as I would rather not Go There I'm blaming my appalling memory.

Lovely Plot Lady was also lamenting her parsnips which germinate but then grow lots of roots instead of one. That was good to know, which probably sounds horrible, but her plot looks so wonderful that you automatically assume everything grows wonderfully too.

Once she'd gone though, I did start hearing funny noises. It was getting quite dark but I would not leave until I had watered everything. As it was almost completely dark by this time that probably means the weeds got a good drink too.

My peas and broad beans are doing really well but there is only one carrot valiantly poking its head through the hard crust of dried clay. There is still so much to do - the wood making up the beds needs replacing, two beds are still empty and need filling with winter veggies, salads, courgettes and pumpkins. I'm actually thinking of visiting the plot at six thirty in the morning, just to get things done......


  1. Oh you will get a reputation amongst th older allotmenteers of being that mad women who gardens at night!!! Have fun.

  2. Oh, I so enjoy your blog. Keep working at your allotment. You'll get it just the way you want it.~~Dee

  3. I have read all your posts on the first page anyway.I found your blog on a Blotanists fav list.I am juggling full time work as a staff nurse, growing veg on the worlds most overgrown allotment plot, and maintain a garden with colours for all seasons.I empathise with your impatience for things to grow.I bought Tomato plant seedlings to observe them growing as mine are a little slow in the greenhouse!

  4. I'm slowly becoming an early morning gardener. The child-free peace and quiet is heavenly :)

  5. I sympathize with the parsnip lady! I try all the right things to grow good parsnips and it doesn't always work. I am about to germinate my parsnip seeds on kitchen paper prior to planting out this time!