Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Beans, Birthdays and Beginnings

Ohmygod. I have such a headache. Bang. Bang. Bang. On and on it goes and nothing but nothing will shift it. Except perhaps the restorative powers of plants. No, not the digging, doing kind of plant power but the swinging on a hammock surrounded by greenery type.

In this fragile state, feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced I headed off to my daughters' school to begin our first ever gardening club. How the school has gone this many years without one I don't know, or rather now I do.

It's not that the children were naughty or not interested. Far from it. They were very keen, many of them arriving clutching their seeds. It was all me. I honestly don't know how teachers do it and they have far more than the 15 children I had. Whooosh - that's the wind leaving my sails and that banging? My head. Still.

We planted seeds in pots. Sunflowers, my how they love their sunflowers. Courgettes, pumpkins, lettuce, radishes and something called love-in-a-mist which should have gone straight into the ground but today we were planting in pots and one little person was Very Keen on planting this. I wanted to plant purple French beans but no-one else did. We made loo roll pots and used some plastic pots donated by a couple of kind parents.

What I need to do is let them have some freedom to plant what they want but in the confines of what will work and where. At the moment it's a bit of a free-for-all.

If I had just the club to contend with today it wouldn't be so bad. But like everything I do, nothing goes smoothly and most ideas are great, at the time. Today I had to factor in not having a car, making a birthday cake that kept going wrong, not being able to fit car seats into my father's car, trying to tidy the house and organising emergency lifts. *sigh*. All before five little girls come for a birthday tea. Tomorrow it's a High School Musical concert. I hope my head is better.

Still I was slightly heartened when I checked my growhouse just now and saw the Morning Glory I planted last week.They weren't just sleepily poking their heads through the compost, but were bright and perky and fairly rampant. Maybe that's because they're climbers, eager to get on. I wonder if different plants do have certain personalities? Or is my stressful day making me feel slightly loopy?


  1. You did more in a day than I do most weeks -- rock on, Mama Sister! I think it's so wonderful you're heading up the gardening club. It will probably only get easier. :)

  2. Wowza - Souper Woman...do you ever take time out - it is highly commendable! I don't have kids and find that I have no hours in the day, so hats off to you Mrs Be!

    I was hoping to help at the local school, as having no kids, thought it might be fun, and would give me some time out of work to put something back into the community. You doing it, has made me want to try again...! (ask me in 2 months and I'll have forgotten!) cat x

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  4. I bet you did far better than you give yourself credit for. Let order come out of chaos! I hope yur headache's gone...

    You asked a question over at my place re Acers and bugs. I'm not sure what yours are - the only ones I've had on mine were scale insects - flat little shield shaped objects that firmly attach themselves to branches. I didn't need to spray them, I could just scrape them off with a fingernail. If these aren't your bugs, can you give me more info please?

  5. Wow, you did have a hectic day! I know the feeling it seems I have nothing or ALL in one day with my kids.

    The school my kids used to go to had a garden club. This one doesn't, but I don't know if I would have the gumption to start one.

  6. What fantastic news! I wish you every success with your school gardening club. Once you sow the seed of an idea in those little minds they will be hooked for life.

  7. Alas, not super, or souper, woman at all! If only....

    Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. Much needed at the moment!