Monday, 23 June 2008

Veggie Wrecking Dog Anyone?

Y'know sometimes I wonder why I bother.

If it's not the hen decimating my precious herb garden with her egg laying exploits, it's the dog burying her prized pig's ear in one of my containers.

The wooden trough did contain carrots and spring onions, something I have struggled to grow on the allotment. Seems I'm struggling to grow them at home too. And to think, I was giving her a treat....


  1. Are there days when you think everything is out to get you!! Keep smiling - it could have been worse!!

  2. My dog refuses to behave around my vegetables, too. He destroyed a pepper plant last week and then went on a running rampage over all the other beds when I shouted at him. I was so mad, I would have beaten him with my hoe if only I'd been able to catch him! He is now officially banned from the vegetable plots. He's curled up at my feet right now, looking adorable, but I know he's evil really.