Saturday, 14 June 2008

Everything is Blooming

I don't like to boast, really I don't. But I do feel a little bit pleased with my mini veggie container garden I have going on by the back door.

Pride comes before a fall, I know. In fact, when I was proudly, like a new mother, showing off to a friend my seedlings and dwarf French beans, that I thought would never grow, she very kindly pointed out all the weeds in the pot. Which weren't really weeds at all. Just little green things that shouldn't be there.

So here they all are. Some of the salad has even made it into our tummies; two of my children have now decided they like salad which warms the cockles of my heart. And makes it all the more worthwhile, if that's possible.


  1. I never could get my kids to like salad. I figured they would eventually grow into it, but no luck.

    I love how your container garden looks.

  2. They look fab - I was pleased to see your carrot seedlings look to be at the same stages as mine. I was thinking that I needed to thin them out abit but I have only got as far as thinking about it!

  3. The veg. containers look great.

  4. One of the best things about being a gardener is that my boys eat vegetables. One of them actually went to the garden to get lettuce for his sandwich for lunch today.

  5. I've decided it's not pride that goes before a fall, it's thinking negatively. The most well-intentioned people can lead us down a path paved with stumbling blocks. Be proud of your garden!

  6. Your veggie garden pots look lush and like they're doing really well. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to take them from seed to table? Good for you!