Sunday, 22 June 2008

Shopping Til I'm Dropping

I popped into the garden centre the other day. I know, I know, you'd have thought I'd learnt my lesson. Obviously a glutton for punishment.

However I absolutely needed some tomato grow bags (which they didn't have) and some of those pots you use with the bags that's supposed produce a bumper crop. Or something. Anyway, they didn't have any of those either.

But did I leave empty handed? Huh, did I heck.

We'll just pop along to the plant section, I cheerfully instructed, pushing the buggy with a subdued and strapped-in toddler, trailing a chattering one behind me.

Big Mistake. I chose a three pots of runner beans, giving me at least nine plants, but thought I won't be able to use my card for that measly purchase.

Never fear, I managed to buy some other stuff. Pots to transplant my gardening club's end of term present of tomato plants into, a big pot for some veggies (haven't decided what yet), a lovely concoction of fish, blood and bone, chives and - tra la - my favourite chocolate mint!

Do I feel guilty, what with all this talk of high inflation, credit crunch, spiralling food prices not to mention the cost of the diesel to get me there? Of course I do, although being a stay-at-home mum means that I always feel guilty. I think it's in the job description.

But I've been feeling fed up (trying to unravel that one too) so a little retail therapy goes a long way. Plus, I reason, some women buy clothes or shoes to cheer themselves up. At least my purchases will benefit the whole family. I hope.


  1. Ohhh chocolate mint. I so want that in my garden, but just can't find it around here.

  2. this made me laugh, my fashion journalism student daughter is always berating me for spending too much on plants and not enough of looking presentable.

    I shall remember your justification next time she kicks off, thanks for that!


  3. Guilt? Whats that? Phaw and Phooey! Okay, so I feel guilty most of the time too when I am making plant and garden purchases. Has it stopped me yet...uh, nope.

  4. True, that! Guilty pleasures are all relative. I frequently think to myself, "There's chocolate, and then there's heroin." (In your case, there's chocolate mint.) Needless to say I eat a lot of chocolate.

  5. I often feel guilty when I buy plants but like you say you could be spending it on clothes etc. Your allowed some indulgence

  6. Drinking a glass of chocolate mint iced tea right now and enjoying your post.


  7. I had a good laugh about guilty being part of the job description. Oh yes, so true!