Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thank You!

I wanted to post a heartfelt THANK YOU to Patientgardener for her suggestion on my last post of getting the school gardening club children to plant a nasturtium seed each which they can then take home at the end of term.

I have to say that is a much better idea than the one I came up with, which was to give them all a tomato plant. By the time it comes to giving them out, they'll be large, hopefully complete with toms, which will make them tricky to transport to school. Then of course there's the obvious one that I had not considered - the children would not have had a hand in their growing.

The results - eleven pots - can be seen above. I've brought them home to look after and water as, um, watering isn't the children's strong point. They're keen but tend to forget. So, just to give them a helping hand I'm babysitting.
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  1. Oh fab - I'm glad you liked my idea. I think I would quite enjoy doing a children's gardening club but I work full time so I cant, hence the ideas which are unfulfilled. If I think of any more will shout. I tried to 'pick' your last post but for some reason it wouldnt work. Will try to pick this one

  2. I tried to pick your last post too - with no success.
    So glad patient gardener came up with an idea that works for you.
    I think you do great stuff with the gardening club.
    Wish there had been more of that sort of thing when my kids were at school 25 years ago! eeek

  3. Wonder why picks aren't working Hmmm, never mind.

    PG please do fulfill your gardening club needs via mine. I could do with the help, so ideas gratefully received!

    AG - you don't look old enough to have children that old. Off to peer at your photo again.....

  4. Glad it's going so well. We've also done sunflower seeds. They grow fast.~~Dee

  5. Great idea! Nasturtiums are pretty hardy and easy to grow.

  6. Kathryn/plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com28 June 2008 at 03:42

    Nasturtiums are so reliable.Good choice.Also BEANS.
    I doubt there are many kids here who have never planted a bean. Also when I was little we always put sweet potatoes in water and let them take off. Not much care involved, and, hey, no watering!

    You might rethink having MOM do all the watering, btw... :)