Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sunshine and Showers

"What a fearless magician is Spring -
you really can't teach her a thing!
In she sneaks on a breeze,
draws the leaves from the trees....
just when Winter thought he was still King!"
-Judith Nicholls

Time is squeezed for every one of us, I imagine, except perhaps the super rich who have no need to work or the retired. But add children to the mix and it's not just time but your head that is feeling a little under siege.

And so when I can't get up to the allotment I've started (and 'started' is the relevant word here) veggie gardening a little more intensely at home and I've been surprised at what you can fit in!

Of course, you still have to be organised and sometimes if I have a little more spare time I'll three-quarters fill a couple of pots and earmark them for some salad or herbs when I have a little more time.

Yesterday, while dodging the showers, I managed to sow some salad leaves in a large pot which had been kindly donated by my Dad.

"I sowed the seeds in a nice spiral," I told Hubby.
"That's lovely," he replied, "is that so it looks pretty for the slugs?"

I cannot, however, claim success for putting up the mini grow house (and I think I'm rather pushing it claiming success for the salads but I'm optimistic). Frustrating barely covers it.

Instructions remained unread (Mummy, I need a weeeeeee...), the wrong poles were slotted in (Juice Mummy, juice...) and the correct poles wouldn't stay in place (Mummmmyyyy, he took my spade....). There it remains, half erected, installed in the wrong place, devoid of shelves, poles falling out of holes, listing slightly.

But, y'know, I'll take these (admittedly small) successes where I can find them.


  1. Hello! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog :) I can relate to the feeling of chaos. We have three children quite close in age (8, 6.5, 5). I educate them at home, and my husband works from our home office - it can be hard to do anything that require concentration sometimes! I'm notorious for making cooking mistakes when the kids are talking to me at the same time.

    I don't use a special lens for my photos, just a normal digital point and shoot camera. I have a small one made by Olympus. The "super macro" mode is wonderful for close-ups. My wildlife photos are usually taken with a Kodak that has 12x zoom (though it needs repairs and now has to be shipped all the way across Canada!).

  2. Hi I’ve tagged you on my blog. It’s kind of a game. Hope you don’t mind. Want to play?

    Wow, your plot is looking fantastic, and I'm so jealous of how you manage with your lo's. Mines nearly one and can't possibly be left to her own devices without a screaming match!

  3. I take my hat off to you Amy; I used to home educate but can't imagine doing that now and fitting in anything else!

    OPSP - ok, I'll play. First time I've been tagged! My nearly two-year-old has got much better at amusing himself, as long as I'm in sight!