Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I'm dreaming of...

I think maybe I'm getting old. I get complimented by checkout girls on the way I stack my groceries at the till. And now I'm coveting a potting shed.

This beauty would not be for the allotment but for our garden, which is in desperate need of an overhaul and some TLC. Part of that is getting a new shed. Of course, I've taken this one step further and am looking at Very Expensive Sheds.

I lovingly gazed at my friend's potting shed today. Only she doesn't use the potting part of it, even though it's in full sun for most of the day and she is into gardening. She has a tiny veg patch next to the shed, four (yes four) compost bins and yet, yet, no trays of seedlings basking in front of the large windows. What a waste!

Oh lovely, I sighed, you could be in here, in the warm and the sun, with the radio burbling away.....

She reckons there's no room for her in the shed, that it is full with her two children's bikes and things. They've taken it over, she sighed.

Hmmm. I could see the same thing happening with mine, if I ever get one. But that's partly the point. We need a bigger shed to store the bikes and outdoor paraphernalia that seems to have bred with the children and I would really love a greenhouse. A potting shed would kill two birds with one stone. Maybe that's how I'll sell my idea to Hubby - it'll be cheaper! Honestly!

As for the encroaching stuff from the children, well I've got a solution. I would draw a chalk line on the floor and woe betide anyone who's bike crossed it. Oh yes, that should do it.

I'd like to know what more experienced gardeners think - a shed and greenhouse or are potting sheds the way to go (especially for those of us with smaller gardens and smaller people playing in them)? So far Hubby is the only one who reads this (heaven knows how you get others to read your blog) and I think I can guess what his comment will be.................


  1. I had a greenhouse years ago, and loved it so much. I spent hours in it all year round, but sadly when we moved there wasn't a space in the new garden for a greenhouse which would be safe from my then young kids.

    I'd love a potting shed - somewhere warm and cosy to hide away and get the seedlings started, instead of in out dilapidated conservatory ! lol.


  2. Love the sound of your greenhouse. That's part of the point of a potting shed - a little bit of space just for me in this full and busy house!

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