Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Magical World

When I thought about writing this post I was going to talk about how this picture reminded me about the beauty of life.

Y'know, how magical it is. How both life and seeds are seemingly fragile yet strangely robust at the same time. How random they can be. But I don't think I need reminding. Thinking about life and how precious, how magical it is, is on my mind a lot today.

Our car is mangled. The deer? Dead. Hubby? Thankfully unharmed. And when my frazzled soul needs soothing today I know I have my plants, my hobby, my blog even, to distract me from unreliable garages, annoying insurance companies, money, inconvenience and the biggie - "what might have been".


  1. Beautiful photo and words. I really like your blog and where its coming from. I've put you on mu blogroll - hope you don't mind.

  2. Oh Mrs Be - there's sorrow all round when things like this happen, but also thankfullness that its someone else other than you! I suppose it does make you sit up and think about what we take for granted...and how we should appreciate things more.

    This is just a nudge to say 'make sure you do...' x

  3. Yes, gardening keeps me sane as well. Some days you just need to weed vigously and tune out the world:)

  4. I'm so glad your husband walked away, but very sorry about your car. We have many serious accidents here caused by deer and moose on the highways - scary stuff.