Saturday, 26 April 2008

School Gardening Club? Anyone?

"Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?"

I'm not entirely sure how these things happen, but I am now the proud Person In Charge of a soon-to-be school gardening club.

To say I am panicking is probably putting it mildly. So what am I scared of? Er....let's see. That none of the children will be interested or will be at first but will then become really bored and it'll be just me and two of my daughters and well, we can do all that up at the allotment any old time can't we? And that nothing will grow. Ever. I mean, I'm not exactly well known for my green fingers.

I'm also worried that we've left it slightly too late. I think, rashly it now seems, I suggested this more than a month ago (we were asked for our suggestions/opinions and I suffer from Big Mouthitis) and the Headteacher has just got back to me about it. I don't think she's a gardener somehow.

But I've picked my, cough sorry, our patch. I've volunteered Hubby to make the raised beds, with what I'm not entirely sure. I am a bit worried about the very large tree next to the patch but the head assures me it gets sun and there are lots of greenery around so it can't be too bad, I hope.

However, because it is getting a bit late in the day (did I mention I was panicking?) I've suggested we buy some plants from here which will hopefully give us something to show for our work.

If anyone has any hints, tips or tricks about setting up or running a school gardening club I'd be really, really grateful (me? Panicking?) I've just spent hours surfing the web and have come up with a few ideas and have realised I missed Gardeners' World. Goodness, I must be keen!


  1. Susan Lovejoy wrote two superb and fun books about gardening with kids. Sunflower Houses was one, and Hollyhock Days the other.

    I would also suggest sunflower seeds, radish, green beans, i.e., anything that germinates well and grows quickly. How about some pole beans? You could make a teepee of bamboo poles and let the beans climb. Also, vines. Kids love vines. My daughter likes silver foliaged plants. They do lose interest, but if you keep it simple you might create some gardeners.

  2. I wouldn't worry about missing