Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Good Thing About Snow......

 The hated front garden. I do feel brave, showing you this!

There are many benefits to the snow. Mostly, it has to be said, if you are a child. I can honestly say it doesn't hold that much appeal for me. I try. We went for a snowy walk, the children made a snowman and a couple engaged in a snowball fight involving lots of children.

The view greeting me out of our front door

One thing I am grateful to the snow for is how it hides all my garden's imperfections. Which means, it covers it completely because we all know my garden has many faults (all of them laid squarely at my door).

One of the boring borders

So I'm enjoying the look of my patch while I can. I'm wearing my snow goggles. Then the thaw will start and it'll be back to reality....


  1. I go through this all the time too MrsBe : )
    It gives you an almost blank slate to work from again .. hides all the untidiness ? and looks good .. for a while .. until you have had MONTHS of it and you go cabin crazy ... otherwise not so bad ? LOL

  2. Thanks for your comment - have to say we only ever have a day or so of snow (which is why the country's come to a complete standstill). But I can see why it can induce cabin fever!

  3. It also makes a good planning slate. You can sketch out (using your feet) how things might be, and see what it does to traffic flows, lighting, etc. Enjoy it while you have it. Soon all will be mud.

  4. I hadn't thought of that Alan but, looking out, there are so many footprints, snowmen etc that I'm sure any plans I did manage to "sketch" out would be lost in the chaos!

    The children are desperate to get into next door's garden with all its virgin snow! (Yes, all their children are grown-up!).

  5. What beautiful wickerwork! All this snow makes the shapes and forms in the garden seem more accented. Don't forget to get out there and have some fun.

  6. I'm glad it's hidden all the things I meant to tidy up but didn't get round to!

    Shall I send some snow from my garden to replenish yours? ;)

  7. I thought I would tag you as I know that you have some good pictures, feel free to join in if you wish - the instructions are on my blog