Friday, 27 February 2009

Carrots and Kids is Fixed!!!!!

Oh. My.
That was tricky.

Come and meet me  HERE. Please. It's all fixed.

I'm now blogging at And let's just gloss over how horrendous that all was (so horrendous I was on the verge of giving up my blog). Note it's .com and not (yeah, gloss, gloss, gloss).

I'll pour you a cup of coffee from my flask, cut you a slice of banana cake and we'll swap plans, moan about growing carrots, talk about the joy of gardening alongside our children and on our own and admire each other's plots all the while leaning on our spades......


  1. Congrats on the successful switch:) I hope your brain isn't aching too much... the new domain is beautiful.

  2. congratulations!!! it's a bit tricky, but you did it - well done!

  3. From a true technophobe...Well done!!
    Just found you via tots 100 and will be following as love new ones to read and catch up on.
    Tracy x
    or twitter @muminmeltdown