Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gardening and Other Plans

Although it may not seem like it, I do have plans. Kind of. Oh, ok then, things I would quite like to do if I don't get sidetracked doing other things or if I can actually work out how to bring these things to fruition.

Many of my gardening plans involve spending money. Now there's a surprise! I'd rather they didn't, obviously, because that means they will all stay in my head instead of becoming a lovely reality.

However, the bones of our garden need shaking up a bit. Take the front garden. I dislike it intently. Every time I walk up the path I think "I hate this front garden" and, this may sound loopy, even if I don't articulate the thought it is still THERE. The feeling is as much part of me as....say, my eyelashes. I don't need to say to myself "I have eyelashes" to know that there they are.

So. It is becoming is quite stressful. I hate the wibbly hedge, the fact that we have no gate (it rotted and has never been replaced) and that it is a dumping ground for ladders and deliveries for Hubby's work.

I also intensly dislike the layout - path, grass and two boring borders under the windows. Yeah, I'm not proud of it.

Other gardening related ideas include deciding once and for all about moving this blog, posting more often and saving up for a macro lens, costing out the front garden's redesign and, gulp, save up for it.

Oh yes, and find a money tree to plant in the back garden.


  1. oh I am so there with you! I too hated my front garden, for all the same reasons you have - dumping ground, horridly-shaped borders, and in our case a weed-infested stretch of gravel. Yeuch.

    I've done mine up now though and it didn't even take that long. I spent more time agonising over the design than I did actually putting it into place. Now I look out on my front garden and think, "Wow - I did that!" And it looks fabulous.

    So go for it - and hang the cost!

  2. Oh, I'd love to look at that. Do you have photos on your blog. I'm going to have to investigate......

  3. I hate not just my front garden, but the house and the back garden. I can't focus on my plans at all, as no time or money at the moment. My front garden has no gate, no fence, its one of those open plan jobs. Late at night every animal in the neighbourhood poos on the lawn. I have wanted to plant a small magnolia tree to put a barrier between us and the street ever since we moved in. One day.... Oh do save for a macro lens you will love it, secretly I'm saving for a new camera but it may be a long haul!

  4. Oh yeah can I do a seed swap for some of those money tree seeds?

  5. yep I've been boring everyone with it on my blog so do take a look.

    started here...

    and finished here...

    mind you I still haven't finished the planting, but then that's a labour of love which I'll be doing nice and slowly over the next few months.

    And those neat lines of box hedging are now entirely covered in snow, of course! Hope they're all cosy under there...