Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Just Who Am I Running the Gardening Club For?

I am quite lazy. Oh yes I am. I know it looks as though I'm not - five children! Runs a gardening club! - but one quick look at my home (messy and chaotic), the allotment (shallot sets still not in) or even this blog (sparodic posting) will confirm that fact.

But come Monday lunchtime there I am with 17 children, loads of loo rolls and various sweet pea seeds and vroom! I'm off.

Take a quick peek back at home and the saved newspaper sits forlornly on the side, still not transformed into paper pots, the tulips are not in and all my plans remain just that - ideas in my head and not brought to fruition.

Which makes me think - who am I running this gardening club for exactly? Because, unless there is a reason why I absolutely have to, there is no other gardening going on in my life at the moment. So it's a jolly good job that I have the club. Bless 'em, my little gardeners think I am doing them a favour when all along it's the other way round....

~ I am thinking of moving this blog to Typepad. Well, when I say move, what I mean is start blogging at Typepad and have a link from here to there because I'm not sure how to move lock, stock and barrel (I've looked into it but it looks complicated). I know it's a pain, having to update links etc so that's why I'm thinking about it ~


  1. I think your doing a sterling job running the club i couldnt do anything like that although am pta chair so end up with a variety of messy jobs no one else wants to do! for what its worth my daughter is in her school gardening club and loves it and the lady that does it is talked about in glowing terms every week!
    Lesley x

  2. :) I find myself running in the same circles like you. Trying to do everything that I could to help my children, the neighborhood children, etc. Since time has gone by and the children have grown, their most fond memories come from those times and I realize now that it's not how well I do things, but that I took time for them. Hang on and know that you ARE doing what matters in their lives.

  3. I often ended up wondering why I ran a Rainbows pack too( snotty parents were always to blame for my reservations, never the kids), but then a smile on a child's face having mastered a new skill, or enjoyed a new pleasure, was all the reassurance I needed and it kept me coming back each week with new ideas to try with them.

    I think you are doing a wonderful job, keep with it.


  4. Hi there!
    I'm glad to have found you! I know exactly what you mean - get the kids into the garden so at least I can have some time in the garden too.
    I have 3 kids but none of them are old enough to even be in school yet (!) so as soon as they are, a gardening club sounds like a great idea. I'll have to ask you more about that sometime.
    If you check out my blog you'll notice I haven't posted much lately...

  5. There is nothing wrong with not achieving all your gardening plans my onions and broad beans are untouched despite my plans to have them in the ground now. The fun is in making the plans to see if you can, because if you were to do it all - well the high that you would be on is so unimaginable I think my brain would explode. It must be why I have to add to the challenge of everyday living with creating extra things to be involved in or do.

  6. LOL...I'm a mom of 5 also and am so sympathetic (especially to the messy house) I wish I could do everything in my garden I have in my mind's eye to do, but alas the kids, the critter, and last but not least the hubby all need attention, guess the garden will have to wait...again, lol! Great Blog.

    BTW, I'm at typepad and really like it

  7. All those kids you are working with are learning what vegetables are, where they come from, etc. I think that is part of the solution for food in the future.

    I recently wrote a page about the maligned baby carrot at If you can find time to read it, you might enjoy it.


  8. I think you're doing just fine. I've got lots of jobs left undone too. It's human nature to have a much longer list than time allows for.

    I don't know much about typepad, except as a reader of typepad blogs, it takes the longest to load...

  9. You are not just sowing seeds in the soil, you are sowing seeds of thought in those young minds! They will remember your lessons for the rest of their lives and will grow up to be veggie growing adults.

  10. Hey, just found your blog, really enjoying reading about your exploits. I really can't see how anyone with 5 kids could be considered lazy! Plus you have a job. I think sometimes people value tidiness over other things too much. As long as nobody's getting ill from mold or something, I wouldn't worry about it too much! :) Just a quick word on blog migration - I haven't done it but if you're looking at other platforms, Wordpress is generally considered to be less buggy and more flexible than TypePad. Just from what I've heard from people who switched. Good luck!