Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I Think I know The Problem

Something's been vexing me a bit lately and that is the question of how I'm able to do all the things you're supposed to do at the correct time at the gardening club but am totally unable to do this at the allotment.

I've been wracking my brains to fnd out what the magic ingredient is at the club and so far have only come up with the fact that I'd be letting people down if I was as flaky at school as I am at the allotment.

So, could it be the weather? No, as far as I can tell the climate is not balmy at school. It is just as wet and cold there as here. Perhaps it just feels warmer, being surrounded by children chattering and other adults rather than the sound of silence, pheasants and my own thoughts.

Perhaps it's the inconvenience? Nope (again). I have to get in the car to go to both places. And lug stuff. And climb slippery steps.

Could it be the time factor as it's sometimes easier to get things done when you only have a small window of time to do them in? For me, it concentrates the mind and I'm better with a deadline. Hmmm, I don't think so, I don't have hours and hours to while away at the allotment. It is not a parrallel universe there where time stands still. I have as little time to spare there as I have everywhere.

GOT IT! I think I have the answer.......but I need to do some "research" first. No good knowing what the problem is if I don't know how to fix it....


  1. I hope you'll share the reason and the fix! :)

  2. Could it be you enjoy working with the kids more? Or you're more motivated not to disappoint them? Those would be my reasons, I think.
    Just guessing... will wait to find out!

  3. but it really is so hard to get motivated to do anything this time of year when it is just so dull and dismal outside!

  4. Thank you so much!

    I'll be back later, just having a cup of tea and a mag, little one worn out and napping1xxx

  5. I've been enjoying your blog for quite a while now. I hope you don't mind me tagging you for a meme, feel free to ignore it if you like :)

  6. Hello there. I have been enjoying catching up with your Blog. Thanks again for your very generous mention of my book. Talking of which, I have the Alys Fowler one, and think you'll like it: quirky, original and very much rooted in her own experience, which is jolly impressive for one of her comparatively tender years!
    I have been interested to read about your gardening club, as have been thinking of starting one at my daughter's school. And I know that difference between 'public' and 'private' gardening: for me it is the shame factor - if people are watching me, I'll be totally together, if not, I leave it all till the last minute. But I have also learned, over the years, with gardening, that sometimes being a little tardy pays off and things catch up in the end. So I wouldn't give yourself too hard a time about it (not that you are).
    xx Elspeth

  7. Hi There

    I did send you an email but am not sure it got to you...

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