Friday, 14 November 2008


I always thought, before I really got into gardening, that all gardeners did in the darker months was huddle with seed catalogues and dream.

Now I know differently. I'm still planning and dreaming but there's a fair bit to do. And this weekend looks (touch wood and whistle) as though it's going to be dry!

My first job is to get out into the front garden and plant my tulips which I succumbed to at Chelsea. They arrived a while ago but....y'know how it is at Carrots. However, as ever, nothing is quite as simple as just popping in some bulbs. Nope. I have plans to redesign this very boring, uninspiring space but that involves a fair bit of Hubby's time and some money (naturally).

I shall probably get shot for writing this, there is probably an unwritten gardening law that I'm about to break, but I want to replace our hedge with.......a fence. There, said it. The hedge is really awful, it bows out, is not straight and despite regular trims just grows up and up and I don't want something that high.

I'd like a rustic type fence, something quite low and which I could grow things up on both sides. We're also going to move the gate so you enter the garden from the other side. I know we could replace the hedge with another one but I have little people and a dog that need to be kept in a secure garden from the get go.

There is probably another solution that involves less work and less money but I have neither the imagination or knowledge to come up with it!

But what has this got to do with my tulips? I'm going to make a big, curvy border on one side of the new path and the tulips shall go in there. Or rather, will once the work's done. My plan is currently languishing at number 32 on my Top 40 of Things That We Need To Do Now. So until it occupies the number one slot I shall just plant the bulbs in tubs and containers.

And don't get me started on the back garden........


  1. It's a absolute joy to read your blog! I love how the writing flows, and how you are experiencing life as a new gardener. Definitely looking forward to visiting more often.


  2. I think your plans for a rustic fence would be wonderful. I hope you'll share some photos of your tulips next spring :)

  3. Great blog, photos and articles. Very informative. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick

  4. Hi I have just read some of your posts and they are really amusing. What amazes me is where you find the time to raise 5 children, run a home, look after a garden and an allotment and then whew !! find the time to write a blog. Are you related to "Wonderwoman" I have just started my blog (about my allotment) and I think I am becoming a blogging addict, as I have visited so many since I took on my allotment in February. I'm sure your tulips will look great in containers and you can always put them in your curvy beds when they are ready for some plants.
    good luck with all your plans.