Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What I'm Enjoying In My Garden

This is what I'm enoying in my garden this evening. A very cold bottle of pear cider (excuse the wine glass, so desperate was I for this liquid gold I just grabbed any one).

It's been sitting in my fridge for nearly a week but I've held off (aren't you impressed with my restraint?) until tonight - the start of the summer holidays.

I did think it was a mini celebration but after the day I've had - four tantrums before 9.30am coupled with three trips to school (take the children, go back for the special assembly and then, blow me, back again to pick them up after lunch) - it's probably a case of drowning my sorrows. Still, this glass has made up for it. It is definitely my most favourite thing in my garden.


  1. Mmm...pear cider sounds divine! I hope you enjoyed.

  2. Summer holidays ... its about the only time I see my kids now! That and their humongous piles of washing, and a list of Mum can you fix that zip, hem, hole etc...

    Oh and not being able to keep up with the speed at which food disappears.

    I like a perry too, being an Evesham girl at heart.


  3. Thank you both for your comments and, yes, I did enjoy1

    I've got another bottle with my name on it in the fridge. Do you think 11am is a bit too early? Shame.....