Monday, 7 July 2008

Black Clouds Are Gathering......

So where are you summer? Who ordered the rain, and why is it so chilly?

I'm mighty glad that my vague thoughts about camping this weekend came to nought. Mainly because I failed to voice them out loud. Sometimes going away is so much harder work than staying at home. Especially when it involves tents. And little people.

I'm also cheering myself up with the thought that at least I don't have to get out the watering can. Not that I'm lazy or anything you understand. But, but....I'm not feeling great still and everyone is very grumpy. Roll on the end of term. Or maybe not.

So thank you everyone for your kind comments on the last post. To cheer myself up (and no doubt you, if you've made it this far) I took some photos of the blooms in my garden.

I'm not really into flowers. In a vase on my kitchen table but growing them? Not so much. I think I will eventually, but first I need to get a handle on growing veggies. But to remember that sometimes I do have blooms in the garden, I took these. While dodging the downpours.


  1. Too much rain and dark, cloudy weather can be SO depressing. I had to laugh at your comments on camping with little much work to get it all together for trips that I wonder if vacations are even worth it sometimes :)

  2. That sounds like the sort of spring we had. It seemed to take forever for it to arrive...but since it has, it's been scorching for the past week or so. So, you can send some of that "chilly" this way. :)

  3. I'm pleased as well at not having to water the garden but the prospect of a wet summer (again) as they are now predicting is depressing