Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Why My Blog is Like a Spiderplant

That's how I'm currently thinking about "Carrots" at the moment.

Is it because it's common? Ordinary? A bit naff? Often neglected?

Well, I guess I could say yes to all of the above but it's not the original reason I thought of (those others came to me while writing this post). No, the reason is because this blog has spawned a baby one.

Yup, as if  there isn't enough to do, I've decided to have another blog. Called The Ecstasy of Being Ordinary, it can be found HERE.

Now let's see what else I can add to my plate. Chairperson of the Parents Teacher Association perhaps? Playgroup committee member maybe?


  1. Ah ha so this is what you have been up to! I do wonder when things go a little quite. I'm sure that I have the same fun madness that you are aflicted with. After a little bit of wild blurting out, I found I had volunteered to set up a blog for the school friends and help with gardening club (first day today) and I have only been back at work a couple of weeks!!!

  2. I have been tinkering with this Rhiannon but haven't posted much on Carrots because I didn't feel I had much to say!

    Good luck with the blog and club - I shall be looking to you for ideas!

  3. I love the title of your new blog.

  4. I love the new blog and had a good read tonight when the kids were in bed. I hope you are going to continue with carrots as it is loved by lots of folk.

  5. Oooh, Carrots, I love the change of photo. I loved your previous one (and the one previous to that too) though. You always seem to choose such lovely pictures.

    Great one on your new blog too! I will follow them both with interest.

  6. Aw, thank you Daphne and Rhiannon.

    I'll still blog on here but sometimes I wanted to talk about something not connected to gardening hence the new one...

  7. GardenGirl, you snuck that comment in while I was replying to Daphne and Rhiannon!

    I like changing the banner and just thought (today) about making it seasonal. A bit.

    I'm pleased with my new blog's banner too, usually they don't turn out how I imagine! Anyway, thanks for your kind comments.

  8. Hi Mrs.B, gave you an award! :) Have a great day!

  9. Love the new header on this one.Brambles... Yum! What's it they say? ' If you want something doing, ask a busy person'!

    Personally I think you should run for PM, you'd do much better than the present incumbent.


  10. Thanks Zoe. And really, I think my three-year-old could do better than the present incumbent!