Saturday, 6 September 2008

Why I Love My Blog #1

Not sure I'm allowed to say or admit that. I mean, it's a bit big headed isn't it?

But stop!

This isn't a Carrots and Kids Blow Your Own Trumpet Day. Good heavens, no.

One of the reasons I love my blog is because it's made me take photos, tons more photos than I ever would have done without it.

Pictures of flowers, weeds, birds, my allotment, my children, watering cans, packets of seeds. Obviously I would've taken photographs of my children but perhaps more posed, less of the ordinary mucking around at the allotment and back garden kind of stuff. The every day things that usually go unrecorded.

And my blog has enabled me, pushed me to do that. It's given room in a very crowded life for a love of photography. And for that I'm grateful. Thank you 'Carrots'.


  1. You are not big headed at all, it is OK to say "this is good and I love it". I love my blog for much the same reason, if I did not have the discipline of sorting out pictures for posting then hundreds of images would languish unseen on my hard disk taking up space and doing nothing useful.

  2. I love my blog for similar reasons. The addictive thing it has become. It makes a good diary that I would never have the discipline to keep in hand written form. Then there is the photos - snaps as a reminder of what has been done, a family record, or even plant portraits its good fun.

    love the little collage on your post

  3. It's so true - you take the time to take photos and take stock, and reflect on what has gone, and it's not often you have a chance to do that in a busy world.

  4. Oh, I so agree. But I reckon it's more than that. By capturing those moments. you have time, albeit limited, to think about them and appreciate them more. And I reckon just doing that makes you appreciate the little things and ultimately makes you happier. (My second name is Pollyanna and I don't care).