Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Whaddya Think My Chances Are?

Way back, when it was properly summer, I was dragged from my favourite spot in the garden and from the Sunday papers and had to go out.

"When it's my birthday," I proclaimed with all the confidence of someone whose August birthday is always hot and sunny, "I shall spend the whole day on this swing seat, reading and sipping Pimms."

So, what do you think of the chances of that? Yeah, me too. Slim is too optimistic a word for it. How about absolutley no chance at all? Not unless the wind and the rain disappear and the weathermen stick lots of lovely suns on their map. Here's hoping....!


  1. Even if you did get the opportunity you wouldnt be able to with all the rain we have had!! Have a nice birthday

  2. Exactly! I can't because of this awful weather! Who'd have thought August would be so foul?

  3. Have a happy b-day & I hope you get some sunny days to sit on your swing seat with the paper & a tall glass of something! :)

  4. Have a lovely birthday - if it rains just take your swing seat and a large glass of something indoors.
    I had an August Birthday too - barbecue was planned ..... (sigh)
    Warm regards