Thursday, 7 August 2008

Look! I CAN Grow Something!

These sweetpeas, hurridly shoved into the jam jar used for painting, were picked by Hubby yesterday from the allotment.

He was locked out of the house and thought he'd have a mooch up there to see, I think, how high the weeds now stood. He picked these. There's something so gratifying about sweetpeas. They demand so little but give such a lot.

Bit like the readers of this blog. I don't pretend I have legions or that this is any good but even a itty-bitty blog like this one can generate a feel-good factor, for me at least. I was feeling very down when I last posted and with me what you see is what you get unfortunately. I turned off the comments because I didn't want others to feel obliged to comment.

But then something unexpected happened. I had a few emails and they were all lovely and all shared something. A couple made me chuckle, some made me nod my head in agreement and one made me cry.

So I just wanted to post, not because I have any earth shattering gardening tips to impart (that is never going to happen) nor to show off my Long Border or something (ditto) but just to say thanks. That's it, a simple "thanks". Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity. Like in getting emails from people you don't know (strangers doesn't seem the right word). Or in a bunch of sweet peas in a jam jar.


  1. Your title made me LOL, I think that to myself all the time when I'm able to keep something alive :)

  2. That is how my little blog makes me feel too. It is lovely to have so many nice people out here in blogging world that motivate us & cheer us up when we're feeling down. Your sweet peas are lovely & what a nice hubby to bring them to you. :)

  3. I don't really read gardening blogs for gardening tips - I read them to remind myself that other people feel disheartened at times with the slugs and the weeds and the fruits that rot just out of spite etc. And it's nice too to see the little successes. It makes me smile to see how ridiculously excited gardeners get at even the tiniest amount of harvest, because I do too!

  4. I started my blog as a personal diary, I knew that it was the only way to keep up the discipline of recording how we rescued a neglected plot and (eventually, one day in the future) turned it into a garden. But then some friends came to visit, and they told their friends, and some of those people became my friends, and whilst I still think of it as my personal diary the connectivity it gives us to other folk is a wonderful thing.
    I am so fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country and admit I am getting quite a kick out of sharing the Red Squirrels with folk who live in areas where these beautiful creatures cannot survive.
    hugs, Bilbo

  5. What a great colors on those sweet peas!

  6. I'm personally always relieved when parents who blog about the good and beautiful things in life, as you seem to do, share their struggles raising kids. I struggle a lot and am sometimes hard on myself for not being perfect like many of the families around me and in the blogs I like to read, like yours. Thanks for being real, and sharing not just the beautiful stuff, but a wee bit of the hard stuff too.

  7. Great photo of the sweet peas and interesting post...I feel the same way about my blog and flickr.

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