Tuesday, 7 October 2008

One For My Christmas List

I have started to think about Christmas. I know, I'm sorry. But it is genetic and in previous years, while I have thought about it I haven't actually done anything and so November and December finds me scurrying round the shops, along with everyone else, like a headless chicken.

I have also started thinking about what I would like. This is good. It is not as self-centred as it would seem. Honestly. Because when I stand in the bookshop thumbing yet another gardening book, instead of reaching for my purse I am now reaching for the shelf AND PUTTING IT BACK while thinking "Hmmm, I'll ask for that for Christmas". Yay! See how good I'm being.

The above book is one that is top of my list. Alys Fowler is growing on me and I like what little I've seen of her book. When I first started watching Gardeners' World back in the spring she would, well, annoy me. Just a little.

"Is it because she's on telly and you're not?" teased Hubby. Well, doh! Of course, I'd retort, because being "on telly" has always been my ambition. ~ Sigh ~ (for those of you wondering, I'm being sarcastic).

But since GW gave us a peek at some of the presenters' gardens (did we see Joe Swift's? Did I miss that?) I have warmed to her. Her garden was lovely but normal. And small! But look what she's done with it!

So now her book, which I will have probably read while leaning up against the bookshelves at Waterstones by the time Santa visits, is on my list. Along with this one, which is not really about gardening but a bit.


  1. I'm afraid Alys Fowler hasn't grown on me yet. She does have a cute doggy though!

  2. I quite like her too. She is a grower!
    Just checking out your blog from one school gardener to another!

  3. Hello, found you through MelMel. Alys has grown on me too since seeing her garden. I loved the fact she grows all her salad outside the back door so she can pop out in her nightie! I laughed so much at that because I thought it was only me that went out in the garden in my PJ's! Great blog :)

  4. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your support....:>))
    I saw this book in i think it was Country living?
    Looks very interesting.....I'll be back to read your blog, just thank everyone, who left me a comment....lovely ladies all!

  5. I like Alys too (apart from those dreadful specs). But I absolutely adore Elspeth Thompson. Isn't it funny how gardening books seem even more attractive when one is reading them surreptitiously in a bookshop?

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    By the way Joe Swift's garden has been on Gardeners' World at one point but can't remember when